Camera Live As Per CPCB

In case of industries having adopted Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) the units shall install IP camera with PAN, TILT Zoom, 5x or above focal length, with night vision capability and flow meters in the channel/drain provided for carrying the effluent from within the premises of the unit Installation of surveillance system with industrial grade IP (Internet Protocol) cameras having PAN, Tilt Zoom (PTZ) with leased line real time connection for data streaming and transmission of the same. Industries installing devices for parameters measurements (pH, BOD, COD etc.) have to install day and night vision CCTV cameras for surveillance use. The CCTV cameras installed should focus on the sensors immersed in the channel/outlet. In case of extractive method used for the effluent collection, the inlet pipe through which sample is collected, should be focused by the camera, ensuring the visibility of the point from where sample is being sucked for measurements. The connectivity of the camera is to be provided to CPCB through the web portals on 24x7 basis. This camera should operate continuously. The output of the CCTV camera should also be connected with the DVR/NVR and the data for one month should be kept as backup retrievable through the software provided to CPCB. The resolution of the camera should be kept as 352 x 240 pixel or above.

Other Details

S.NO. Materials Model No. Quantity Warranty ## Price
1. Hikvision IP PTZ with wall mount DS-2DE4225IW-DE or equivalent 01 5 Years Contact us for price
2. Hikvision NVR – 4 channel with single HDD slot DS-7604NI-K1 01 5 Years Contact us for price
3. Hard Disk – 2 TB Seagate 01 5 Years Contact us for price
4. Pole Mount DS-1602ZJ 01 1 Year Contact us for price
5 Data Transmission (With broad band / Lease line Connectivity) Service CPCB and SPCB Per Annum Contact us for price
## 5 years warranty is valid only in case of data transmission is renewed every year without break and on time. Otherwise, warranty is for 2 years only.

If distance is more than 80 m then long distance router is required @ Rs. 14,000/- per pair for one camera covering a distance of 3 km

Requirement from Client Side :

UPS Power Supply.
A static WAN IP is required (Router).
LAN IP for both camera & NVR.
HTTP & RTSP port forwarding must be done in router for both camera & NVR.
Lease line of 1 Mbps or broad band connectivity of equal strength.
Structure where camera/long distance router is to be mounted.
Electrical and civil work if any.