Web Development

Each grand business proposal is born from the construct of a well-designed website. Srijan has strategically designed its solutions and services to cater to the unique individual business needs of the clients. If you are looking for a professional Web Design and Development, then you have come to the right place for all your web design needs. A good online presence over internet has become an essential for almost every company today, especially if companies want to secure a strong visibility, position in the industry and lead its competition.

Responsive websites

Whether it is about a desktop, a tablet or a mobile, responsive websites work on the edge of efficiency. They are fast, provide instant search results and help a customer navigate the website without getting stuck. In short the website has to perform like a human being. Is a banner bringing down the load time of a website, is the facebook handle leading to the target promotional campaign, is the customer able to use breadcrumbs effectively without getting diverted to the wrong page, and you know what an animal you are staring at. The website to work in synchronized manner with all these variables requires the technical edge that would make it delightful for a customer to return to as well as spend quality time on. We are here to get you started in the internet space with confidence backed by a solid technical infrastructure.


Even if you are ahead in the game and you stop running, others will ultimately catch up and run you over. HTML 5 is that latest technical specification which will help you remain in the game. Even if your website is built on outdated technical specifications, we can help create the website around the latest specifications. After all technical edge can win you a customer and get them hooked to your website. HTML 5 gives the power to your website and makes it highly responsive and secure no matter how bulky and feature full it is.

Custom PHP

A cost effective yet scalable solution for website building and integrating application features, Custom PHP gives an edge when you think of website that can perform to the highest standards. We, at interactive bees, understand that you would not like to compromise on the features of your website. We can help you in your endeavor and make sure that you get an interactive,dynamic and customized website. We can help integrate scripting features to your website whether it is an e-commerce or a social networking website with differentiable features and a unique design that communicates about your brand.


Drupal is another content management system that is open source and free. It helps develop the features that are associated with a website enjoying huge traffic. The platform provides a leeway for technical experts, like Interactive bees, to carve a unique identity for your brand. The responsive features make your website easily navigable with rich media content.


WordPress is one of the best content management interface available but requires customization so that your website does not mimic a generic look or feel. When you need a unique design as well as other application features, we at Interactive bees can populate your website with many exceptional features that a help a website stand out. WordPress also allows marketing and optimization features so that you can reach to your target market faster within smaller budgets. Whether it a website, blog or a micro-website, WordPress provides you the option to get started easily. We, at Interactive bees, understand the platform and can help you with a solution that is completely awesome.