Engagement Models

Our commitment to providing our clients with specialized services at affordable rates is the foundation on which our different engagement models rest. We build our teams and development processes around the client requirements – this enables us to offer custom software solutions to clients without increasing the cost of development. The scope, scale, complexity and estimated duration of a project are some of the factors that determine the selection of the most suitable development process. We allow our clients to suit the development strategy that best suits their business requirements. Mainly, we offer three broad models of engagement that help you get the best solutions, irrespective of what your project requirements are.

Fixed Time & Cost Model / Fixed Model

This is a project-based model – when the scope of the project is clearly delineated and you know exactly what you want, this is the right model. As the name indicates, the duration, requirements and cost of the project are fixed. This model helps you get guaranteed on-time delivery for at agreed price.

Time & Material Model / Hourly Model

For project with varying requirements and requirements that are not clearly defined, we usually offer this model. Choosing this model enables you to alter team size, modify project requirements & timelines, and pay only for the work done on the project. Depending on the size and scope of the project, you may be charged hourly or monthly for the work done.

Hire Dedicated Model / Dedicated Resources Model

For businesses that want complete control over the development process and simply need the help of expert programmers, this is the ideal model. We provide you with individual developers or a team of developers that serve as an extension of your team. You can have complete control over the team: you can assign tasks and get regular work reports. Our developers are dedicated to your business objectives.