Cross Stack Opacity Dust Monitor [DSL340 (Dynoptics)]

The DSL-340 uses the innovative Dynamic Detection Principle (DDP) which measures fluctuations in the intensity of a light beam, using a folded beam Transceiver/Reflector arrangement. Increased dust or particulate density in the stack causes the amplitude of these fluctuations to increase. When calibrated against standard reference measurements, the amplitude of this signal relates directly to the dust concentration in the stack and this can be presented as a reading in mg/m³.


Cross Stack Opacity Dust Monitor [DSL340 (Dynoptics)]

Approved By TUV.
The System Meets The European EN 15267 And Other International Standards.
Uses Optical Path And Non Contact Method For Determination Of Mercury
Requires Less Maintenance
Easy Controls With Clear Digital Display
Hassle Free Performance With Longer Functional Life
Provides Exact Readings For Regulation Of Gaseous Mercury

Key points:

Significantly Less Susceptible To Drift Than Standard Opacity Monitors
Better Accuracy Over Shorter Path Lengths, I.E. Smaller Duct Diameter
Simple To Install, Commission And Operate With An Excellent Reliability Record
Rugged Design With No Moving Parts So Low Maintenance
Latched Head And Lid Design To Enable Ease Of Access For Installation And Maintenance