Laser Diode Based Cross Stack Insitu Emission Monitoring System [LD500(Opsis)]

LD500 is laser Diode Analyzer with NON sampling cross stack Insitu Technology for all process & Stack Emission Monitoring System.


Laser Diode Based Cross Stack LD500

Approved By USEPA, MCERT, TUV, & 19 Other Agencies Across World.
Supplied Over 150 Industries In India.
Cost-Effective Monitoring
High Performance Monitoring Of A Range Of Gases Compound
Multiple Stack With Single Analyser Option.
Easily Calibrated
Operates With A Minimum Of Maintenance.
Cross-Stack Measurements.
Remote Control Capabilities.
No Sample System Required.
Low Maintenace Cost.
High Sensitivity & High Accuracy.

Measuring Parameters:

H2S, CO, CO2, THC, H2O, Hcl, Hf, NH3, CH4, O2, Temp. And Many More.